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At the beginning of its establishment, the Glisdema brand hoped to build a luxury and anti-aging brand based on human health, while ensuring safety and moderation. In order to achieve peak efficacy in product research and development, the brand links with outstanding global scientific research experts, builds a global and scientific super alliance camp, and is committed to creating "scientific research level · efficacy type" skincare products with scientific research technology. Gresdema has over 1 million biological resources and global research laboratory resources as its product research and development capabilities. It has also collaborated with authoritative professors from the UK and Switzerland, Dr. Charareh Pourzand (R&D consultant of Est é e Lauder Group), to conduct technical research and development. It has also been invited to join the IFSCC1 organization and is committed to meticulously researching anti-aging products and building an international star brand.

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Ineffective whitening? the case is entirely cleared!
Beauty knowledge 2019-07-26

White skin is always similar, and non white skin has its own problems. If you are not lazy in skin care at ordinary times, but your face is still dark, it means you are doing ineffective whitening. Come and claim your symptomatic plan, and you will no longer waste your budget and time.

Understand acne management, beauty is "fit" without "hole"
Beauty knowledge 2019-07-26

One white may not cover up all the ugliness, but acne will definitely destroy everything. Whether it's white heads, black heads like sesame dots, or red heads that turn into pimples in the next second, all types of pimples not only directly damage beauty, but also expand pores, causing irreversible skin degradation. Acne is more rampant in summer, and the tube inside the bag doesn't care? Do you want to squeeze the head? How to remove the most thorough without hurting the skin?

Turn "0" into beauty and warmth care
Beauty knowledge 2019-07-25

"The really important things can't be seen only with eyes", such as the fox's love for the little prince on planet B 612, and the relationship between the temperature of the northern hemisphere and the skin in winter. As the temperature drops to the freezing point, the skin condition goes down all the way. Start the warm care to improve the skin temperature, turn the zero degree crisis into vitality and beauty, and never leave you with a good look and a good mood.

Skin emo, how to manage?
Beauty knowledge 2019-07-25

Your ideal life is: normal work and rest, good environment and proper maintenance. Your skin is like a time capsule, not old or bad. However, the real version is: the epidemic situation is repeated, the work is convoluted, and the year-end schedule is pressing. Perhaps the heart is still strong, and the skin condition has been completely emo. How to save the languishing face? It's time to read this topic.

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